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took the 70 bus to the mobil in waltham from watertown sq and then had martha pick me up to get to work today. not all that bad, actually. though i'm really pissed off that i had to do that aand figure it out at 8:15 this morning. yes, i'm supposed to be at work around 8. coughed all night last night. didn't sleep. i emotionally feel better than i did, though i cried when i woke up this morning. blech. "you don't know what you got 'till it's gone."

so today is definately a monday. and joe, panda girls boy-something is coming today. i didn't pick up my crap lying around the apt. oh wait, she didn't pick up her crap when i had people (read multiple) coming over, so i'm not going to give a shit. it's not like they aren't going to spend all their time in her room anyways. ::sigh::

i miss having a car. though i am realizing that i am lucky to be living where i can take public transit to the grocery store. and to the mall, and almost to work. :-)

speaking of which, maybe i should do some today.

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