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exactly how kick ass alan's parents are (for anyone who ever doubted) - The Mad Ramblings of Nchanter — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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exactly how kick ass alan's parents are (for anyone who ever doubted) [Aug. 1st, 2002|06:41 pm]
[emotional state |frustratedfrustrated]

they might lend me their car for the weekend so i can go see alan on sunday. he also wants boffing swords delivered. (or whatever thery are called. the duct-tape covered ones) they are going to be on the cape this weekend so they don't want to make a 7 hours drive to deliver them (carolyn must have been exaggerating, it takes me 8 to get to DC) that would kick sooo much ass, 'cause i would probably get the car on friday. :-) also this is a crown vic. i lerned to drive on two cars, the one that is currently in the shop, but the first car i ever sat behind the wheel of was a buick park avenue. while buicks and fords are not made by the same car company (no not every american car is GM... thank god) they drive pritty much the same. so i definately can drive that. yea for being a ford made long enough ago not to compeltely suck (unlike galen's mother's taurus)

on a compltely other note, i can't find a stack of checks, including my last paycheck from the toy store, that use to be sitting on my nightstand. i NEEED these things. it's like.... $500 worth of checks. i knwo they have to be in my room somewhere..... i hate being me and being this disorganized. i need to finish getting furniture. this will help


ps. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BED??!! it shoudl have been here by now. i mean, i'm glad i don't have a bed without a matress, but i hope it comes very soon after i get a matress, which i am doing on sat with james and he is holding me to that no matter how much i kick and scream and do nasty things and refuse to get out of bed. he's good about being a bastard when i want/need him to be.

ok, i'm really done now.


[User Picture]From: agracru
2002-08-01 06:11 pm (UTC)
Alan's parents totally rock my socks off! They are the coolest.

As to where your bed is, I typically feel the same way about my pants.
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[User Picture]From: opeth
2002-08-02 06:15 am (UTC)
I'm not a bastard about it, really, but when you tell me something needs to happen, and I ask you a few times if you want me to make sure it happens, I just make sure we save unproductive things for later.
See you tonight.
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[User Picture]From: nchanter
2002-08-02 06:45 am (UTC)


i meant that in a good way love. ::mwah::
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