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for anyone who doesn't know, i'm going to my parents house at the ass crack of dawn on thursday morning. james will be driving the first legg of the trip (yes he's coming home with me.) as i don't do the awake thing at that time o day. we then drive back up the next tuesday. this is exactly enough time for me to NOT kill my mother, half my family to come down and invade the house, get the car inspected, have a graduation party, and maybe see brian (i need to call him, i wonder if he's still up. i wonder if he's still up and NOT fucking michelle...) well it's about time for me to leave and grab fang from FBC, and get batteries for the diskman first.

no regrets


ps. it's a 3 hour drive to row (where alan is) and i get to see him for 4 hours. then it's a 3 hour drive back. this is tomorrow i am doing this. what one does for love. what one makes others do for chocolate, mage, and boffing swords. ::sigh::

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