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at home. drive was good. we didn't crash, other people did. virginia drivers are assholes in ways boston drivers can't imagine. i love james, but i'm not letting him drive on the national washington beltway EVER again.

been home 4 hours. 4 and a half. i want to kill. preferably something that shares blood with me. maybe my little (14 and bratty) cousin will be coming on friday and i can sacrifice him to the goddess. hmmmm...

boston people, you REALLY don't want to see me here. i'm a psycho (james can attest to that... though i will probably mellow over the next 24, esp after getting sleep) here people, you should see me in boston. it's not until i come down here that i realize i'm happy in boston.

i'm keeping my cell off-ish. call the house. 703 425 9064

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