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cousins are psycho.

brian's girlfriend (michelle) is bringing a friend (erin) along tonight for back up. fun. this might be the michelle who was the first girl i felt up and wanted to date. lost her number in my bra. if this is the same michelle, well.... dude, that would be fucked up. but that would figure that brian and i have similar tates. i really really hope she doesn't walk all over him like i used to. if she does, or i see a sign of that, i will kick her ass. yes i'm teritorial. yes i broke up with him. fuck you, i don't care. my state, my rules note: i was going to take out that last sentance, but james said it was cute so i'm keeping it in.

this hasn't sucked hardcore yet. tomorrow might, that's the party. james now has first hand knowledge of why i'm crazy. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...................

ok, brian was supposed to call 10 minutes ago. grrrrrr.....
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