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"i've got a bed. i've got a bed. i've got a bed hey hey hey hey"

and it's all set up and stuff. with a mattress. courtosey of a boy in tye-dye (ok ok, i'm a hippie. fuck you.) wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........................................

now i just need a comforter, and a blanket, and some pillows (or some for my old matress which now resides in what use to be the meditation room) i saw a really pritty comforter at bloomingdales yesterday. it's blue and blue gray and the sheets that go with it are really really soft. and yea. but it's alot of money so i'm going to look around first. that's actually what i and tye-dye boy are doing today, looking at/buying sheets and stuff ('cause i have to sleep on this thing tonight) and the bed isn't big but it's sooo much bigger than the mattress on the floor. i really hadn't realized how many people i know have queens until i got a full. oh well. ok, i should go and shower now so we can get food.

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