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the phone from the downstairs apartment has been ringing for like, 3 days streight. correction. it seems to ring non-stop whenever ford-bitch is at work (that's the bitchy chick that lives downstairs) my plans for today got cancled, not the plan's fault. they have been re-scheduled for thursday. I'M FREE TODAY. if anyone wants to do something, call me. if you are on my friends list, go back a few entries for my new number. i'm slowly adding y'all in to my phone's directory. i'm just, me, a procrastinator.

so my entry last night, ignore it. the hormones were making me really manic. wheeeeeeee......... and i think they still are. except, i'm on the up side of the swing now. my plans are probably happy that we had to reschedule, 'cause i would have been a complete nut (more than normal)

ok, i go do stuffs now
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