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today was my first day of orientation. i wasn't all hormonal... which was good. but i'm like... i dunno, i was like the only off-campus freshman i met. i just hate stuff like this. i met one girl who was kinda cool, named meranda. she is a design major emphesis on lighting. other than that, no one seemed cool enough. or rather, dorky enough. there was a girl who seemed cool, named emyli, (yes, it's pronounced emily) and then i mentioned the whole boarding school thing up here. she apparently almost went to csw. max roseglass is her best friend. she also turned out to be a total pothead. cool to suck in about 3.5 secons.

i'm on the phone with alan now. this is making me happy.


i will not let them see me cry i will not let them see me cry i will not let them see me cry...
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