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amythyst, i don't mean to steal your thunder, but i had to post this. for anyone who doesn't know, i wrote a 16 page paper in 4 weeks my Jr year of Highschool on why the abortion pill should be legalized.
so if i ever leave boston i'm moving to california

but for those of you who are too lazy to click on the link and open a new browser window, here is the run down. but it's very amusing to read, so go do so.

CA is the first state in the nation to protect women's-health clinics and their patients from harassment and threats of violence, by blocking public access to names and addresses of the clinics and patients

CA is now the first state to require that all accredited medical schools provide abortion training for obstetricians and gynecologists

Emergency-room staff in CA must now tell victims of sexual abuse about emergency contraception, then give it to them for free if they ask for it; further, nurses and midwives are now legally allowed to prescribe abortion drugs, such as RU-486

The last bill reaffirms Roe v. Wade in the state, guaranteeing CA will continue to support the abortion option even if the Bush-Cheney-Ashcroft axis of anti-woman evil manages to cripple Roe v. Wade on the national level

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