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i spell checked this entry, bitch

Q: why hasn't kris been online or posted on her live journal lately?
A: because she is on run crew for a show at school and isn't out until 11pm every night
Q:well it's not like she ever slept before, so why isn't she on late at night?
A: 'cause when she gets home she crashes from the adrenaline/caffeine/sugar/nicotine high... and still hasn't started her homework
Q: wait a minute, krissy actually does her homework
A: toto i don't think we're in high school anymore
Q: ok ok, sorry. so when does this show get done?
A: just in time for the TOOL concert in Lowell. so no one should expect to hear from me until around the 30th.
Q: you mean no bitchy live journal posts until almost halloween?
A: oh i'm sure i'll get fed up with this production at some point and make a rant, just don't expect anything nearly as coherent or spell checked as usual.
Q: you spell check??
A: occasionally.
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