Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

so my mother was going to come up this weekend (it's parents weekend), even though i couldn't see her 'cuase of the show. well i just talked to her 'cause she's not coming up 'cause dad's not going to be home and the sniper has been threatening children and the shooting in ashland was at a resturant where my sister's highschool's football team was for a football conferance that was supposed to be in an unknown location so if something happens to my sister or one of her friends this weekend and neither mom or dad are there mom will feel like shit for the rest of her life. so even though i wasn't going to see her while she was here she had to let me know she doesn't love my sister more, she's just being a good concerned parent and apparently i'm safer than kim right now, so yea.

::blink blink::

i know your thinking "this affects me how???"

that's what i thought when she told me this. i told her i wans't going to see her, at all. actually, if anyone wants to see this show i have ONE read ONE ticket for a sold-out friday night performance now. ONE ticket. let me know. and SAM, if you want to go, i can get you home afterwards, it will just require t & bus fare to my apartment first.
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