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Dr Dubious33: i actually am writing about you for my psychology class.
Dr Dubious33: hey! you are a chapter in my hand bound psychologically book.

Auto response from Nchanter X: at home. call if you need anything. 703 403 9463 617-780-9212

Dr Dubious33: While participating at this institution, I met a girl from the theater named Kris. Kris was also into photography and she was better than me. I heard through the grapevine that she desired to brush my hair. I couldn't pass this up. We made a rendezvous and both were smitten by each others utter tolerance and acceptance of ourselves. This was never a romantic relationship; we would just hold each other. We would work and work in our studios and then escape into one another's arms with small kisses and deliberate gentleness. For a month I could lavish celebrate all of my possible compassions and cares upon this girl, respect and protect her from perceived demons. Melanie Klein contends that "object relations are at the center of the emotional life…personal object relations are essentially two sided, mutual by reason of being personal, and not a matter of mutual adaptation merely, but of mutual appreciation, communication , sharing and of each being for the other" (Jordan page 4)
Dr Dubious33: We could hold and satisfy each other in a most intimate way, all without the confusion of romance or sexuality; in retrospect, a platonic warmth previously unknown to me. This was my first experience of such physical acceptance outside of my family. It was primal, to share this touch, weight and warmth and it ameliorated me in a profound and new way. I did not have to assert myself as Scott and I did not desire to define this Kris. It was unrefined contentment in the there and then, and now, we have parted ways.
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