Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

my day:

woke up. made it to electrics, go the quiz back. considering the class meets once a week and i've missed four, getting the third highest grade in the class was not bad. esp since i didn't even DO the knots, 'cause i missed that day. napped in the theatre foyer on the cumfy couches. so did megan. woke up. went out for our pre-SM butt. leigh showed up. did the SM class. went to eat lunch with leigh and megan. nick was in the dining hall (YEA!) went to sit with him once megan and leigh left. he was at a table with 5 cute uperclassman goth girls. on the day i'm dressed like a hippie no less. they were REALLY cool. i can't rember anyone's name. but they were all like uber cool, not stupid goths. well, one was a stupid goth, i ignored her, which wasnt hard, 'cause she wasn't talking or anything. but anyways, they were FUN. then i went back to james' dorm to pick up my computer. we snuggled. we probably would have napped except we both were too buissy, him with work, and i had promised jen that i would go down and visit her for a bit, and considering all her BHCC people ditched on her, yea, i was definately going down there. got stuck in rush hour traffic. got there at six. in the first 15 minutes i was reminded that her parents aren't here this week. my protective side kicks in. i'm going to try and be here as much as possible for her this week and through the weekend. i guess i won't be going down to visit alan. oh well. he's not really sick. remind me never to leave my kid, no matter how old they are, at home by themselves when they were in the hospital the weekend before for pnumonia.

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