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i'm staying at home tonight, or rather, i'm not staying here. a certain fang-Boy is staying over, and the Siren-y one thinks he won't stay if i'm here. so i'm going home. maybe i'll do work.

for anyone who's confused i've been taking care of jen this week. she's feeling better, thank god, but that might just be 'cuase she's bombarding herslef with meds. i would honestly prefer to stay here, i like being around jen so much... joys... but i understand her wanting to spend time with other people, and if it's people that won't spend time over here while i still am, so be it. i should probably do other stuff anyways. bought cute bondage pants last night at hot topic with siren, there is now one in braintree. also a sweatshirt. that and i think aboug half of everyone i know was at hell last night, kinda wishing i had gone. god, i'm turnign back into a goth. which reminds me, my roots are showing. maybe i'll re-do the black tonight.... wait wait, no.

i start rehersals tuesday. at school till 11 monday through thursday until further notice.

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