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i expected today to be hell and hectic. when rehersal got out an hour and a half early, i was plesantly surprised to have a good day. granted i would be driving home on empty, but that wasn't too much of a problem. i ended up driving the assistant director back to brighton. got into watertown square mobil station at 10:20, just as they were turning their lights off... 10 minutes early. so i drive to waltham to the exxon. can't find my exxon mobil card. fine, put it on the visa. get wendy's cause i was hungry. drive back to watertown, vic calls, i pick up. about 3 minutes later i hear a siren. i see flashing lights. 5 minutes after that i have a $185 speeding ticket and apparently i need a mass license 'cause i've been living here over 30 days. the latter is BS, the former i am paying out of the money that i earned/have gotten as gifts. it won't get reprted back to VA, so i'm not telling my rents. this is.... ARG...

i am getting drunk right now.

the day that promised to suck was good until i offered to drive someone home who lives right off of one of the green lines. BITE ME.
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