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i should reall not try and find livejournal accounts for people i really don't want to talk to, like skippy or nathan. but every so often, when i'm just bored enough... i thought i stumbled upon skippy's too... except the birth year was 1982. and in october of my jr year i was 16 and he was 18. so it couldn't have been him. but the picture even looked like him. i think i was 16... i turned 17 that december, right? so if i'm 19 right now, going on 20, he would be 21, going on 22. sure. yea. hm... i should re-do that search. that's assuming he put his correct location and age in. but the lj pic really did look like him.....

i need to stop doing this. don't tourcher yourself girl, it will just make it worse....

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