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i'm going to pennsilvania tomorrow for thanksgiving with the relatives. i will have my cellphone with me, and will probably be BORED off my ASS so CALL. or not THAT bored, i like my family and alll, sometimes, though, it can be a bit.... much. and Lower Burell has NOTHING to do. they don't even have a 24 hour dunkin' donuts (katie, how do those people live??!!) anyways... so call. and if you need the number, click here if you aren't on my friendslist and want to contact me go to my info page, and send a text with name and number and maybe i'll call you. long distance is free, and no roaming. wooo hooo. oh, last christmass, i was on the phone from 11-2am christmass night with variouse people. ::cough cough JAMES ALEX BRIAN cough cough:: so it is obviousely ok to call. though i might grumble or bitch or be playing a rousing game of cards with my grandmother at 11:30 so i might have to call you back.

oh, and more to the point, i might not be internet acessable. my grandparents have one phone line, and though there might be three laptops there, often internet acess is deemed "not an option" so if i odn't respond back to your e-mails promptly, tough

oh, and people I WANT you to come to the birthday party so let me know questions? see the above "click here" to get the number for how you can get the info.

i'm done. night. oh, and happy thanksgiving
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