October 29th, 2001


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so i normally don't do this stuff, but cricket has been doing so many (and then copying them over e-mail and this one i thought was cute, and it's only 26 questions so... yea!

A-Age: 18
B-Best Friend: gwen/marcus/fang/brian/scott (all from differnt places)
C-Choice of Meat: steak :-)
D-Dream Date: i don't go on dates, but cuddeling is a must. waking up next to is even better (and i'm not talking after sex, i just mean waking up next-to)
E-Exciting Adventure: going to the cape at midnight and coming home at 4 in the morning just beacuse i wanted to see stars. and i'm talking truro part of the cape...
F-Favorite Food: my grandmother's cusa (sp??) squash stuffed with lamb and rice and stuff
G-Greatest Accomplishment: making it this far with my head held this high
H-Happiest Day of Your Life: hasn't happened yet
I-Interests: theatre, photography
J-Joke: ???
K-Kool-Aid: CHERRY (or anything red. it's kool-aid, it's colors, not flavor)
L-Love: you know who you are...
M-Most Valued: my sense of self, while waivers, always comes back to me
N-Name: Kris, Krissy, nchanter, the princess of darkness, the nchanted one, angel, vixen, black widow, the back stage bitch, kristen...
O-Outfit You Love: right now, floor length crushed velvit skirt with sparkely black sequended knee length skirt over it (both 7.99 a piece at TJ MAXX) with my thigh high boots (ariel has the same ones :-) and a black/white/gray/siver striped sweater i got at macey's with galen. and my $5 moviestar sunglasses i got with lauren an lauri
P-Pizza Toppings: PINAPPLE
Q-Question Asked To You the Most: "Is your hair natural?" the curl isn't but the purple is...
R-Radio Station: new hampshre call # 101.1 not to be confused with DC101 (which sux, btw) or baltimore's 98 rock
S-Sport: sports? what's that?
T-Television Show: most watched... 90210... except for star trek TNG, but i have those episodes on my computer :-)
U-Umbrella in the rain?: no, mclean never gave mine back.
V-Video: i own one VHS, the matrix. this was before i got a dvd. most watched dvd, the dark crystal
W-Winter: god no. i'm a southern summer girl all the way
X-X-rays recently?: no
Y-Year Born: 1982
Z-Zodiac Sign: Sag with gemini as a moon
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