November 28th, 2001


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i noticed that there was a birthday reminder from LJ in my inbox. i didn't even have to open it. i still haven't opened it

Happy 19th Birthday Jaquie

on a vaugly (not really) similar note i was walking up to my dorm not 5 minutes ago and i pass julia frenzel on the quad, and as she passes me she turns to her random underclassman female companion and says "i want blue hair!"

for those of you who haven't seen me since before monday morning, i now have blue "roots" well, nearer the roots at the front of the purple, where it was fading to white i did it blue. and i refershed the purple so it looks really cool and it fades from blue to purple, and then there is the black, which is SOMEHOW still really really black. now if i coudl just rember what type of dye i used the last time i died it....

"i'm really quite personable when i'm not being an anti-social bitch" --me
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