December 12th, 2001


one of the most beautiful songs ever....

And how I've loved
And I have served
And I have sinned
But I have learnt
As Long as you are true to the life that you live
It is the time to feel love
I feel a stirring deep within
Slowly picking up momentum
Like the tide coming into shore
Over and under in its course
This feeling emblazed inside
Every nerve like a firefly
Hovering above me,
glowing Glow,
glowing, glowing, divine
Every nerve like a firefly
Every nerve like a firefly
The feeling emblazed inside
Every nerve like a firefly
I never want to lose,
what I have finally found
There's a requiem, a new congregation
And it's telling me go forward and walk under a brighter
Every nerve glowing like a firefly
Glowing divine
Every nerve like a firefly
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"chance has an empire which reduces choice to a fool's illusion"
--george eliot middlemarch page 662
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this is just too amusing....

the scene: gwen is washing out her dishes including the tupperware bowl from our pasta two nights ago. inside the bowl are two forks, one mine one hers. she had already agreed to wash the bowl. i'm standing behind her, leaning against the wall

gwen: i'll even wash your fork
me: i got more forks when i went to the thrift store, so i won't have to scrounge for forks
gwen:yea for more forks
me: forks!
gwen: forks!
me: your a fork
gwen:your a fork
me: your mom's a fork
gwen: that's probably true

me exits
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