December 27th, 2001


i like this one

[spell your name backwards]:(net)sirk
[describe yourself in 3 words]: dark, sensual, hippie
[what is the latest you've ever stayed up?]: 80 hours (yea for middleschool)
[ever been to Belgium?]: no
[wallet]: flames... i think there is a chain that attatches to it *somewhere* i'm sure it's from hot topic, or varsity
[jewelry worn daily]: snake ring, belt ring, pair of 14g black hoops and 16g silver/blue hoops in ears, watch
[pillow cover]: lepard & black (at school) light blue striped (at home)
[blanket]: zebrah (school) blue patterned (home)
[sunglasses]: broken.
[underwear]:what's that? no, usually black and satin or lace
[favorite top]: green and dark blue strappy tank, shows clevage
[favorite pants]:new black caffine cargo-y
[CD in stereo right now]: Delerium-Karma
[wearing]: greay swetpants and gray t-shirt
[hair]: curly, front is blue fade to purple fade to faded tips, back is faded black
[makeup]: nope
[in my mouth]: ??
[in my head]: thoughts of a long-haired boy (which one, do you ask??)
[hearing]: the airvent in my house
[wishing]: I were somewhere where i might be some help
[after this]: I'm going to not sleep somemore
[eating]: gummysavers
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