December 28th, 2001


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my day

college app stuff (this emmerson app is taking me forever)
canceled plans with nikki.
saw andy.
went to dinner, movies, and driving around clifton with ox. ran into another field person, preston. she use to be ox's best friend. she was always too cool for me. but she rembered me, don't know if that was good or bad considering she didn't say a word to me...

field. even alot of what should have been the good stuff has been blocked out.

i love the current trend of dredging up old painful memmories that has been showing up.

i didn't really want to se nikki anyways...
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yea for college apps.

listen to this essay question.

Boston is a unique blend of diverse histories and contemporary culture. Emerson COllege reflects this dynamic of old and new. Our curriculum intergrates a traditional liberal arts education with an innovative approach to the study of communication and the arts. Think aboutyour history how have your past experiences influenced who you are today and how will this shape your future at emerson college?

i am so looking forward to writing this....
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i'm cutting down on the number of these i post, but i liked the results to this one...

The Queen of Hearts

You're a tyrant. You like to boss people around for any reason you like, and you're damn good at it. It may be because people are scared to Hell by you, because it certainly isn't because of your charisma (or lack thereof). Cheer up! The world's full of weakling paintywaists who'll grovel for you for the rest of his life. </td>

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