December 29th, 2001


4 am bored see what i did at 3 am being bored here (

name:Kristen Marie Snyder
age: 19
hair color: purple and blue front with black back
eye color: brown
siblings names: Kim, Nathan
significant other: i have a list around here somewhere.... the quasi official one is alan
town you live in: Burke, VA
male or female: fem

nicknames:Kris, Krissy, Backstage Bitch, Malak, THe Enchanted One, THe princess of darkness, there are more...

color: black, purple
car: at the moment i like my dad's.
holiday: anything that gets me off school
movie:at the moment, 5th Element
book: Stranger in a Strange land
rapper: is pink a rapper???
actor: Johnny Depp.... Brad Pitt.... Patrick Stewart.... Brent Spiner,. the guy who plays "Q"
actress: anyone related to star trek TNG.
teacher: Michael Burnstein, Liz Bowman was good, and cute, John, Anne, Satan (carl la combe)....
candy: peppermint patties and gummy bears
season: summer
cousin: elliot
aunt: Liz
uncle:Would have to say vinny as tommy is the one on coke....
tv shows: star trek the next generation, OZ
best friends: gwen, maybe shawn, iris, chloe, scott.
craziest: pick a barn dyke, any barn dyke...
prettiest: iris
shortest: iris (when not in platforms)
loudest:mariko and sai were....
tallest: current friends?? dan?
bravest: alex, my butterfly
funniest: EVAN
sweetest: dan
weirdest: tims!
you knew the longest: aprotim
silliest: galen
smartest: oh one of them there TJ kids, or erykaa when she actually tries
best singer: goosifer
most photogenic: anna
most trustworthy: Gwen, Iris, prbably shawn

last summer: Opium Dreams (the controls)
last Christmas:
your birthday:
person you love: hurt (NIN)
dogs: what i got "i got a dolmation" (sublime, fools!)

good looking: yea
fat: no
skinny: i guess
spoiled: yea, but not as spoiled as i oculd be
friendly: sometimes
mean: more of the time
slutty: a little
lucky: yea
special: yea, special ed.
do you have any pets? CHELSEA!
do you have your own computer? my laptop. who i have yet to name
do you have your drivers license? yep
do you have a lot of friends? right now, i actually do
do you drink? yep
do you smoke cigarettes? yep
do you smoke other stuff? not anymore
do you like to swim?yes
do you listen to rap? not much
do you listen to country? FUCK NO
do you listen to reggae?not really
do you listen to techno? yep
do you live with both parents? when i live with any of them, yea
do you like your family? as individuals, mostly
do you keep your room clean? HA! most people don't know that there is a carpet on that floor
do you know how to play poker? yes
do you think the BSB are cute? nope. N*SYNC howerver...
do you remember your dreams? i use to
do you cry alot? not alot.
do you have your high school diploma? ask me in two and a half months
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both alan and i have realized we only work well with (in reltionshipy type of senses) with people who's souls lean more towards the opposite gender of what they physically are. it's a little freaky some of the patterns i have been noticing in my dating history. yea, aprotim, i'm sure you noticed them all years ago. bite me.
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i promised him i'd post this. i'm way to nice of a person sometimes. i don't know if i'm going....

CSW, DNE, Rowe, and SVS New Year Party!
Sat. Jan 5th, all day and night
28 Chester St. Watertown MA, 02472
Organized by Tam Josbeck and Ben Garner

POTLUCK eating accomodations, bring basic bedding and all sorts of other crazy fun stuff... spread the word and RSVP with headcounts, rides and sleeping will be focalized!
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