January 8th, 2002


the past 24 hours...

what all has gone on? i've been made whole again (good thing) i saved one of my best friends (bad that i had to do that, but good that i could. it was really a test for me) i got sick (ok, that sucks) i got to see james (yea!) alan gave me an altimatum (ewwww) and alex is crying on the phone again to me (grrrr). i almost got caught coming in last night, i missed classes, and my back hurts. (all bad)

somehow i am not in a completely miserable mood.

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you are the most likely of the smashing pumpkins to lead a happy, normal life. your innate shyness
conceals a wicked sense of humour and a fondness for sweet love songs. <br>
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<font color=teal>did someone say happy normal life? ha! </font>
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i set my alarm for 6 this morning to get up and do my infinite jest reading. guess what didn't happen. but GALEN came and woke me up. YEA!!!!!!! oh, and guess what class i have a vocab test in. and guess where the words come from kiddoodles. that's right infinite jest

oh and i had a funky dream last night. but i will have to type it later, as i have class in ten minutes. hehe. and i still have to check my friends page. double hehe.

ariel is becomeing a livejournal junkie. hehe.

oh, BTW, i love all my current friends. you know who you are.

god, that last one sounded like i was 15. i go to be cynical and dancy-now.


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according to the dean of bording the internet will be shut off on the csw campus from 11pm to 7am starting TONIGHT. this will suck. but nothing ever works around here so lets see what happens. NOTE: this is 'cause of the porn that is being accessed at 3am in the boys dorms. thank god i access all my porn in the afternoons....

toby edelhart is calling an emergency session of boarding town meeting, i'm going to george tomorrow (headmaster) to say "hey, we said this couldn't happen 4 years ago. fuck this"

i would write more on this, but i have (supposedly) a half hour left of internet access left.

also, this is only going ot encurage kids to fight over the compueters more and to push off starting their homework until 11. the international kids won't beable to talk to (instant message, ICQ, etc) their friends at home anymore (esp the asian ones, on a 12 hour time difference) there is no provision in place for the weekends yet.

god my school sucks. i need to get out of here NOW.
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