January 15th, 2002


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robin fry (psycho bitch dean of boarding) came to check on me as they allowed me to stay in my room today. i was like "wow, this is nice, what a surprise" but after telling me that she hopes i feel better she also warns me that i am in danger of loosing credit for all my classes, and that i really need to go to school tomorrow.

that would be lovely, throwing up on isis and toby edelhart, Jeff Brodsky, and lothian, as they all say NOTHING of importance to the class. hmmmmm.... maybe i will go to classes tomorrow

and if i don't go tomorrow i only MIGHT loose credit for a block, which i don't need. and martha will still let me dance, i just won't get an athletic credit that i don't need anyways.
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eating bland pasta, will see how this goes.

tired tired tired, will try to go to school tomorrow despite not having done any work. that is, unless the bland pasta comes back up.

i will have to shower too, i'm really really groty.

but first, sleep.

wish me luck y'all
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