January 16th, 2002


kris's profound revelation for the day....

i am signed online all day so i can talk to the people that i love. but most of the time i don't have much to say. it's easier to talk to people you don't care about as much online 'cause you don't mind bothering them with the inane BS chit chat that you come up with to avoid doing your hw. and the people you love, you talk to all the time, and you've told them everything relevant already

in other news i'm completely neurotic. yes i'm feeling better. yea me!

Nchanter X: for a little while, while watching traffic, i had forgotten that i was sick, that i had been sick, and that anything was wrong. i had even forgotten, for just a moment or two, the pain i went through fri night/sat morning
Toma98: It's nice when that happens.
Nchanter X: yea. then i remembered my life. and it ALL came crashing down
Toma98: I hate that part of it though
Nchanter X: yea, i know. life sucks

and on a completely different note.....

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