January 17th, 2002


my day...

i saw Kandahar at the Kendall with *most* of my film class, amy, and jeff brodsky today. it was, good, a little fucked up, and at the end we were like "god damn it anne!" i won't tell you why, 'cause i REALLY think it's VERY important that people go and see it, esp with the current world status right now.

the description from the landmark theatres websight...

From the internationally-acclaimed director of Gabbeh comes Kandahar, an
epic tale of hope and courage inspired by the true story of a woman’s attempt to
enter Afghanistan to reach her sister living in that Taliban-controlled city. Nafas,
a female journalist born in Afghanistan who fled the country as a teenager,
receives a letter from her sister, who, overcome with grief over being maimed by
a landmine and her despair over the systemic oppression of women, has vowed
that she will commit suicide at the time of the next solar eclipse, which is only
three days away. Nafas must race against time and disguise herself by wearing
the traditional head-to-toe covering of the burka. Since it is illegal for women to
travel alone, she must seek help from various Afghan characters to find her way
to Kandahar. Named "Best Film of the Year" by Richard Corliss of Time
magazine! Directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

it was very very eye opening, and sad, and beautiful.

on other news... other things happened to me. but nothing seems as important. i finally connected with wes, and he wants to meet statik, which is cool, i talked him up a storm. they would be SOOO cute togeather...

ummm... yea...

can't WAIT till saturday.

if you don't know what's saturday, your not cool enough to. you can try and ask, i might up your points in my cool book so you can know....