January 26th, 2002


this is what my friends do with their time... ::shudder::

so griffin, shawn, fang, whatever has finally added the bios in his coolbook & castpage on his webpage

i am apparently no longer a hippie, but an un-hippie.

i want to know what all of my friends think about his version of my bio, so click a fuckin' link already and then come back here and tell me what you think.

oh, and for referance, i had no idea what charlie's kitchen was until james reminded me. however, that is the occasion in which is first started considering shawn a friend vs. and aquaintance. i just didn't know the name of the bar.
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i just had a really chill conversation with my lill sis. i invited her up here any weekend that she would want to come up. that would be cool. she's not nearly as bad as she use to be, and we both wish we had a better relationship. this makes me really happy. and now i am to go out with TIMS for lunch. or whatever it is you eat at 3 pm. wes ditched me. it sucks. i'll probably be back here by 6, in which case i will be board. CALL ME if you want to chill.

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