February 3rd, 2002


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sunrise is so beautiful. and if i had the energy i would try and emulate it with colors for my post. but i don't. good weekend so far. need to sleep, and then do hw. to those of you i love, and you know who you are, here's a reminder that i love you.

i need sleep.

oh, and on a note, maybe the better audiences just come out during the summer, but is it just me or have the rocky audiences gone down hill. i mean, AP lines, anyone? ok, there were some, but yea...

ok, sleep for real now

-- madame psychosis.
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to do list

* get un-sick
* figure out if a certain someone is going to kill me or not
* steal someone's virginity ;-)
* go to the lib
* get movies by some chineese guy
* write a 3 page paper based upon the two previouse steps, by monday
* get food
* kick the crack whore in the ass (at the urging of the pot-head, ::sigh::)
* tell statik i love him (the song is my "oh this reminds me of statik" song)
* spend time with griffin
* get an appartment
* graduate highschool
* save the essance of the initial point of my existance
* finish coreographing my dance
* remind myself that i'm stable right now and how good of a thing that is

this is in no particular order.
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instead of watching the superfbowl like a normal american girl i'm watching really depresseing chineese films. i just finished rais the red lantern. god i am depressed. i have another on to watch, then research to do on the director, a 3 - 5 page paper to write, and a 15 minute presentation. all for tomorrow. my head is spinning, did i mention that???
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    fifth element - the part with the opera singer - i made it into an mp3