February 20th, 2002


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alan has finally broken down and gotten a LJ. he's been reading other people's on a regular basis for months (mine and casey's friends page) but has broken down and gotten one now mostly 'cause of the "interaction" between andrea and griffin on a specific post of mine. so we'll see what comes of this. on an entirely different note...


cowm00n (10:24 PM): So, have you the time yet to explain to me why it is that Dan didn't think Allie and I would make it?
Nchanter X (10:25 PM): not when i've been running a fever for 3 days straight, no
cowm00n (10:25 PM): this can't really be that complicated
Nchanter X (10:32 PM): or kris could be in a really bad mood, pissed that this paper isn't done, that her adaptec soft wear wasn't on the restore cd, that she had to go to griffin's house so her own files could be read and re burned and printed, the show she agreed to stage manage tomorrow night, the interview she has to be read for on Friday where she's not ready yet 'cause another postal delivery service, this time the us post office, has screwed her over on, not to mention the fact that martha tore apart her dance and she has to have it re-worked by Friday, teachers yelling at her for not having a paper done and running a fever with fever hives isn't a good enough excuse to not have it done, and they tell her she has this *pattern* and they are lucky she's keeping up with the reading, plus i'm not going to see a friend who's coming up to the vineyard this weekend 'cause of the 32000 things that i've already committed to, plus i also need to find a place to live by preferably yesterday, i have 3 weeks left in this hell hole and i don't know if i'm going to make it through, plus the boyfriend i actually do have left is to dense to realize how much i do need him around to hold me right now as i'm falling apart and the one that i want back is in the fuckin' carribean and is to stupid to see what's in front of his face. plus jesse broke up with gwen, coureton now has emotions or something, and fang is picking on anything that makes a noise in my lj, which i don't mid except for everyone else constantly whining about it. i can't locate my best friend (iris) brian bitched me out for still caring. and there is dance concert. and i still have to graduate. so compared to all that, yea, it's not something still located in my brain right now. maybe it's on one of the backup disks that will start working again when these multiple fuckin' viruses are gone.
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