February 22nd, 2002


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dude.... my sister rocks. (and i would put a linke to her journal, except she NEVER posts (need to yell about that.)) my mother sent me prompt books for my interview today and my sister included a box of popcorn (i use to inhale the stuff when i lived at home) and a picture frame, one of those cheesy tennage ones that says "sisters" with a horrible picture of us standing infront of the christmass tree the night that the 6 of us went to morton's over christmass break (6 of us being our family plus kim and my quasi-sig-others, kevin and brian respectively) (morton's is an upper class steak house. it's YUMMMY bloody meat. i don't think they even HAVE anything vegetarian ::grin::)

what would have been horrible is if mom included the picture of brian and me. one didn't exist until christmass break this year. that should have told her something.

on another note i have my interview with emerson today! augh!
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