March 7th, 2002


prof of kris's dork-dom

dance concert stuff goes well. i actually got to see the light of day today, howeverm it was like a hlaf hour after alan had left campus. i do not envy him, as my time is well, non-existant.

everyone go to dance concert!!!!
friday and saturday at 8

i just finished watching between two and three hours worth of star trek with gwen. she's going to bed. as i napped earlier (though unintentionally) i'm going to watch another episode. we just finished watching both parts of "redemption" klingon civil war, restoration of the honor of the house of mogh. tasha yar's romulin daughter. good good star trek.

so then marcus posed a question....

Gerrard Turill : heh
Gerrard Turill : Klingons
Gerrard Turill : wanted to see a Klington vs a Narn
Nchanter X : ohhhhh.... dude....
Nchanter X : that's a tough one

so that's today's first question. who would win in a battle... a Klingon or a Narn (for those of you uneducated types, that's a Star Trek: The Next Genertation referance and a Babalon 5 reference, respectively.)

and in similar fashion...

Gerrard Turill : Omega-class Destroyer vs. USS Enterprise NCC-1701D
Gerrard Turill : which one?
Nchanter X : i'm a trekki. and as i can conceed that narns kick ass.... i'm going to have to say that the enterprise D only 'cause jordi and data can rig up something in just enough time to get them out of any situation

ok, i think i'm done now...
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i am such an 11th hour person. i think that is evident by my life lately. but i hate it! i hate it i hate it i hate it! why couldn't i have writen this paper last night, or even, god forbid, slowly, starting it before it was due and maybe not turning it in three days late? why do i just barely pull stuff off half the time? i'm lucky michael didn't write this in my college rec (he let me see it. it was quite nice) but it would have been horribly appropriate. i come through when i have to, when it's important, but not much of the rest of the time. now granted, i would not have it the reverse way, but god damn it, 'couldn't i at least be an 8th or 9th hour person? and when james asked me at 1am last night how the homework was going, i wish i could have told him i had done any of it. hell, i didn't even do my theatrical paperwork last night. that's VERY unlike me. i usually do that before i do anything else. AUGH!!!!! and of cource i'm writing this instead of doing this bloody paper-ish thing.

the thought just occured to me that i have to turn in work to pass this class. and i should really get there on time today. and we have assembly, it's not like i can write it during open block instead of going to GSA or something.

Kris! Get to Work!!!!
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