March 10th, 2002


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dance concert is over, i almost started crying. twice. a tear or two or five sneaked out of my eyes it's not so much that this pwerformance is over, but that, well, i took my SM tackle box out of the booth. i'm done. a chapter in the novel of my life is coming to a rapid end. i'm scared. and i'm happy. and i'm calm and confused.....

i've come a very long way. i am not who i was who started at this place, and i'm very happy for it. i have a sense of self worth, confidence, and it's not all bravado, some of it's real. and i care about things, and i have people that care about me, genuinely. and...

god, i've really come a long way...
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my god my god, people are so amusing... not that i'm not a shining example...

who ever said soap operas are not true to life?
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