March 18th, 2002


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Cast of characters in this post...
Alan, my boyfriend. eldrad
Gwen, my bestfriend ithych
Griffin, one silly bastard, another good friend skryptic
Statick, see description for griffin kofun
Annie, one of my roommates, she gradumacted from csw, like 97? asciikitty
Pam, other roommate on the lease. she doesn't have a LJ, to my knowledge
Jer, her live in boyfriend, so he's a roomie. again, no LJ
Jen, friend, griffin's girl, jelissalome
Kelly, friend, jen's best friend sgrbbydoll
James................ yea..... opeth

so my computer is still not hooked up correctly to access the outside world, so i'm writing this, sans-client, on pam's computer.

let's see. the past few days have been chill. friday hung out with gwen griffin and alan once school let out, they helped me move shit (having alan's crown vic saved us from having to make two trips.) we went to get chineese in coolige corner with jen and kelly and then all came back here for a bit. alan and gwen spent the night. hung out with gwen the next day, alan had fencing stuff to do. then went to the science museum with alan, his parents, his dad's girlfriend, and her kids to see the mt. kilimanjaro thingy in the MUGAR omnitheatre. alan apparently didn't know that he (david mugar, gave the money for said omnitheatre, the firworks that boston always does, and CSW's very own mugar performing arts center) gradumacated from CSW, which is why he gave monies to CSW. anyways... that was a horrible interesting experience, or just amusing, as alan's dad's girlfriend (name is exscaping me, i'm a bad person) can't let her kids know that she's dating alan's dad 'cause if her evil ex-husband finds out he'll try and take the kids away....
it also made me take a look at my own sense of poly. i don't know if i could do that. see alan's mom, carolyn, and bill's girlfriend, are friends, well, since bill has been dating her (bill being alan's dad) and i just... i dunno, would i have been comforatable hanging out with both alan and james? oh god no. now i'm re-evaluating that.. what i feel, how i feel, not about them two seperatley, i know that, but what i would do in such a situation, or about the situation in general.
sat night alan stayed over. pam and jer came home from maryland
sunday, jer got insainly, well, not drunk, insainly tipsy. he's 2/3 irish grew up in mass so he was doing shots of whisky and i did about a 1/3 of one and it was cool just chilling with annie, jer, pam, and alan for a while. then jer and pam went to jer's family's house, and alan went home, and annie napped, and james came over. we had a good talk. that is all i'm going to say on LJ about that... if you are curiouse, you can contact me and i might tell you more, depending on who you are. then i went and hung out with griffin, picked him up only 40 minutes late, instead of an hour late which i thought i was going to be. after dropping him back home, went to the 24 hour cvs in watertown sq. i had forgotten how expensive condoms were, and colored sparkley pens. also picked up hair-dye. it's going mostly black for sake of finding job. yes, krissy is trying to be respectable and responsible. yes it is redunculouse, i know.
and that brings me to now. i think i'm going to... i don't know what i'm doing today, other than seeing resident evil at some theatre by the commons with atleast griffin and statik today.

oh... and coureton call me. i don't have your cell number anymore. i want to see you while your home. 703 403 9463

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