April 29th, 2002


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i'm re-naming the days of the week

Sunday = Slothday
Monday = Wrathday
Tuesday = Greedday
Wednesday = Envyday
Thursday = Prideday
Friday = Gluttonday
Saturday = Lustday

Sin a day. woo hoo! i'm going to the 7th level of hell by the end of the week!

On another note... the gray area is being revamped. it might actually work, unlike some other projects i'm involved in.

also, has anyone heard from statik lately? if i don't hear from him by tomorrow i'm declairing him MIA.

and my store is really really cold right now. and i really need to return that video to hollywood video. it's just been so dreary out. i haven't felt like walking. and i usually avoid that part of watertown sq. when driving anywhere so it slips my mind, not like the DVD is in my car. on an up note i finally got The Princess Bride on DVD. Shawn was only 4 months late for Christmas. He paid for dinner last night too. i was speechless for about 30 seconds :-) ok, i'm going to go back to doing nothing now.


PS, i think i'm turning into a female, slightly more emotional version of shawn. i like it, but you all have been warned. for those of you who don't know who shawn is, he's also known as fang, griffin, scribbles, and skryptic. enjoy.
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at the present time i have decided to inform y'all that i am working monday though friday, 9:45 -> 6:15 the next two weeks. wow, it's almost as if i had a real job. however, not this weekend, but next weekend, i will be in virginia for my mother's graduation and mother's day. shit, that means i really should buy her something. :-/ what do i get for her? anyways, my flight is out of logan at noon on saturday and i come back kinda late sunday, not as rediculousely late as when i did that whole going to pennsilvania for a funeral athing, but not early either. i hate having my weekends occupied by such stupidity. i also am already getting board with this job. i like it when we are buissy. i am a hyper-productive person. i need to be doing stuff when i'm not out partying/socializing/cuddling with a cute boy/girl. so if anyone has any projects they want me to help them on, by all means, i like it when i have too much on my plate. ok, i might gripe, but i feel more fufilled if i am exaughsted from something other than working in a toy store. it's still a cool toy store, but it's not buissy all that much during the day.