May 1st, 2002


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i stayed home from work today. i don't know if i feel any better. i want someone to cuddle with. my back and neak are sore. i just took a 3 hour nap.... i feel exaughsted, though my head is not spinning, anymore, for the momoent. i feel like i'm going to cry. i don't know. i'm not good at this sick thing, at all. never have been. i would call gwen or alan but it's the last night of the mod. :-/ i don't know. i need someone/something. i'm probably not going to get it. i'm just so so tired, and my head is really really spinny. i started seeing spots earlier like i did when i use to get migrains all the time... except my head doesn't hurt. actually, this whole thing is like one big long migraine except my head doesn't hurt... or not really, its more like a dull throbbing pain. :-/ hmmm... maybe this is one long big bad nightmareish less painful migraine...
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2001.0004.0001.0013.0028 nchanter wrote

2 moew days of 6th mod



no one wove a tale that day. the mood and music reflects that post. but i have a question.... what was my 6th mod C-block? and why did i hate it?
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