May 3rd, 2002


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so cvs wouldn't let me by cigarettes tonight. correction, the 24 hour cvs in watertown sq, who has sold me cigarettes before, rejected my legitimate id tonight, on grounds that it wasn't a mass DL. they accepted fang's however, even though his isn't a driver's license at all. this is actually, against some sort of federal regulation or law. i was mad. but i got my smoky treats so all was well. and trust me, i needed them tonight.

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Warning! Kris is Hyper! =)

so i walked into my apartment and pam handed me a seabreeze, almost. she was having one and she asked if i wanted. i told her to half the alcohol 'cause i didn't know when i was going out. i like coming home from work and having a drink.

today at work i was productive all day. if i wasn't driving tom home i probably would have ended up staying longer. overtime, oh darn! as it was i think i worked 15 minutes overtime, i was giftwraping one lady's purchase for like, a half hour. it was fun, we had lots of gift wrap today. and merchandiding. me feet hurt, but that's ok. i didn't get board. i hate getting board at work. i like it when we are buissy. since tom has a crush on me he usually stays in the rail yard 'cause he knows i hate it in there 'cause it's dead and he just sufs the internet and reads and makes paper crains all day. he's silly. i like tom. yes i have a crush on him for those of you who haven't caught on. =) both alan and james and a few other peopel know this, so it's no big deal. and it's just a crush, it's not like it's going anywhere..... =) not that i don't have crushes on a few other people, but that's me. i'm silly. hehe.

i'm in such a good mood =) in a little bit i'm going to leave the asylum (that's what we call my apartment. yea i know, it's cliche, but i'm sorry, we don't have any destinctive arcutectural features like some people do) and go hunt down fang and we are going to do something FUN god damn it! if anyone has ideas, feels like joinind, wants to bug me feel free to call. =)

i don't think i've had this many smily's in a while. well here are a few more =) =) =) !!

ok i'm going to stop the crack and leave you to the Collapse )
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