May 4th, 2002


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i'm going to publically say that i am very much in love with alan and james if anyone has a problem with this, you can suck it, including the both of them. however, i'm spending the weekend with these psychos instead. doing this. fun. and i slept with at dan's last night

But iris called and left a message 'cause.. well, i was away from the phone (i didn't hear it ring at all, and i was awake at 2:30. hell, i dind't go to bed until like 6 or 6:30 am) and she only made like $16 by what, 11:30 last night and she's "coming home soon" i don't know when soon is, but it sounds promising. i miss her so much.

i'm goign now

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i'm such a dork

it was way too easy to set up a pay pal account and become a paid member. that was the easiest $25 i have ever spent (i figured if i was going to do it, i would do it right, and do it for a year.) augh! i cannot belive i did that. yes i can. dooom, now i need to make use icons. shit, i wish i had my laptop here. (yes still at dan's. but dan isn't here. just fang and i. he's still playing final fantisy 27 or whatever it is.) i can't believe i became a paid member. dude! i should make lauren get an account now! dooom!
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Nchanter X (8:47:35 PM): so i did this thing that paid users can do where they try and find the users who have the most amount of matching interests. third on that list is m00n
Demon0fTheFall (8:48:41 PM): Oh, bleh
Demon0fTheFall (8:48:44 PM): But makes sense
Nchanter X (8:48:53 PM): no shit
Nchanter X (8:48:57 PM): i'm amused
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