May 9th, 2002


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my throat feels like it's on fire... it's burning, even post advil. i'm goign to the dr's. so what am i NOT doing, going to work. callling out sick like, 4 times in two weeks, probably not good. this is WHY i shouldn't have called out sick tuesday, 'cause of courese i would get sick later in the week. augh! i like this job! i don't want to get fired! help! james this is all your fault. actually, it's not. it's mine for saying "i don't care." bagh. it was worth it. it was soooo.... worth it. and all we did was cuddle and sleep. last night all we did for an hour was cuddle, talk, and watch krissy fall asleep, and then kick her out of Lowell House so she could go home and get sleep, and james could do his papers. i don't know how well either of those went. i know the sleeping failed miserably.

on a brighter note, i think i'm buying my plam today. YEA!!!!!!! =)

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