May 15th, 2002


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i had a warm and gushy feeling this morning. then i called out of work sick, the rest would do me good. but i called out to spend until 5pm today with someone. we ended up napping up until 4:40. grrrrrr..... and i almost started crying when he had to leave. and i'm possibly not going to see him for a week. double grrrrrrrrrrr.

and on another note, someone decided that i was important enough to create an entire livejournal account JUST to call me a SLUT. this can be documented in the "the list" post.... which now resides amongst my memories.

Nchanter X: so someone created a LJ account JUST to call me a slut
Cerdingas: How sweet!!!
Nchanter X: i didn't know i was that important
Cerdingas: Nor did I
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