May 17th, 2002


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thank you thank you thank you thank you nick and chris i had lots of fun and getting me outdoors and doing something remotely active is one of those thigns i need to do more so i don't end up becoming a sloth. Sloth-dome is BAD.

though it was a little weird hanging out with my best friend's older brother. 'cause he was saying how surprised he was that Gwen had gotten her Boat Dance dress from Headlines, and going through my head is "well, of COURCE she did. she's Gwen."


there have been many many thoughts floating through my head. the whole emerson thing has thrown me for a loop. the way i approach things is different now, or something. pritorites have been re changed, so i'm going to need to re-figure things out. it's times like these that i miss having toby as a sounding board, and yelling at me when i'm about to do something stupid


james said something tonight, when i was talking about my day, and stuff that was joked about, and more of the mulling of my current situations right now, and so on and so forth. actually, he brought up the fact that annie said, the other night, how she could never handle three. and i agree with that. there are times i think that i would like to, and there are people i wouldn't be opposed to, but three, wow, scheduling nightmare. and james said something about not wanting to do more than one. and i stopped. and i've been thinking about that, and i am inclined to agree. not that i'm goign to be breaking up with anyone any time soon that i see, but there is a level of, it's hard many days. very hard. and i think when one is out of school it's easier, but for a student..... that's also why i didn't see much of alan outside of school until i gradumicated. time. esp with those study hours and curfue. lately i feel like i've been neglecting my little group-o-psychos, but i know i see them on the weekends. they are my weekends. and as anyone else they are just going to have to deal, and i have to make sure not to neglect.

summer is going to be nutz.

i really should just go to bed. night y'all

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at work. trying to put togeather this god damned EI Tech (think erector set)Train... it's harder than the 5 foot tall Eifle Tower. Much more dense. however, alex left off last night before step 15. probably 'cause step 15 is IMPOSSIBLE. i'm sure tom could do it if he were here, but he's at a wedding, so it's just craig and i so i'm in the railyard with toddlers, putting togeather this damned german toy. Tom had already been working on it for two days. humph. talk about feeling inadiquite. hmmmm.... i wonder if sinfest will make me feel better. ::grin::

oh... and my schedule for next week.
Monday 9:45-6:15
Tuesday 9:45-6:15
Wednesday OFF (but i have plans at like 5. CSW is paying for me to eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. i'm not going to turn it down)
Thursday 11:30-8
Friday 9:45-6:15 but i'm not available after work. i'm going to see some pritty death-metal or black-metal or something another band in Worcester with my pritty James. ::grin::

time-share slots are going quickly so schedule now. And i'm working on the Pay-Pal thing..... ::grin::

and i just got yelled at for being on the computer. ::grrrrr::

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