May 29th, 2002


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sometimes, i really wonder why i am friends with some of these people.


i need to go buy fishnet stuff for boar dance.

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i bought $200 worth of stuff in the garage today, including a purple fishnet shirt. i though i might be wearing it to boat dance, until i found what i was actually looking for (which i won't tell you what it is, it will ruin the surprise) needless to say, i will be sexy AND i will be shaven. yea. i also bought a pair of bondage-pants styled shorts (for more money than anyone should ever spend on shorts) and hair dye for the 14th (my last 8 hours day at the toy store.) and some other assorted items.... mainly 4 variations of fishnet. some of said items may be worn to manray. gothy... yummmy..... ::grin::
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