May 30th, 2002


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so Jen made me this icon. she rocks. she is THE icon ninja. It is now my defualt just because it is so bad-ass. i want her to make me more... or like... hmmm... i will have to talk to her. maybe she can teach me how to do the flashy movie animated thing. though mine will never be as pritty as hers.

on a side note Jayna rocks. she needs to have more confidence in herself

also, my love is home! i originally thought he wasn't coming back until friday, then he told me he was going to be back on thursday, but he called me when i was at fang's house tonight. fang didn't even bitch at me for it or make fun of me or anthing. maybe there is hope. maybe. i doubt it.

boat dance is saturday. yippe!!!!

manray is friday. would it be un-cool to wear some purple (no, not my hair) to manray? i just really want to wear the purple fishnet shirt!. humph!

la la la la la. la la.

and i love my daily web comics.

college roomies from hell
and, of cource, Sinfest

except TrueNuff was being slow tonight. and TrueNuff doesn't always update daily. =( i need more daily web-comics. any suggestions?
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i had like about 5 real things i wanted to post today. i'm tired though, and attacking the james on my floor seems like a MUCH better idea. but i'm WEARING the purple fishnet. hehe. and goo, feel better.


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