June 6th, 2002


wooooooooo hoooooooooooooo


I act like I'm 20.
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i t i s r a i n i n g. i need to get shit out of my car. FUN. la la la lalalalalllalala

roll playing fun

krissy feels really off

krissy cant' drive anywhere 'cause of mr alkohol in her system

ok krissy go now
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(no subject)

this is why i am upset. the fact that i called marcus last night, his phone WAS on 'cause it rang the appropriate number of times.

in other news i am bleeding at an exssesive rate. and the cramps are, as normal on my first day, de-habilitating. i'm sure once i eat something i'll be fine, but i feel like SHIT. blah. oh, and i didn't go to work today becuse of such.

i'm going to go back to doing whatever now. i don't feel like writing a real entry.
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i love james very very much. we were talking about how much pain i was in and he was mentioning some over the counter thing that could be taken double at perscription strenghth that laura or someone use to use for their period. then i was like "wait a minute, i DO have a perscription for this stuff!" and i rumaged through boxes lying around my room and loe-and-behold, there it was, my pain meds. i'm now boiling pasta (i swear i eat nothing else) so i can take them, 'cause i get really really woosy when i take them without food in mah belly. i just typed "mah belly" instead of my belly. cricket! your entries are rubbing off on me! anyways. so yea. i'm going to go do that now. then shower or bathe or something of the sort. then clean. then figure out, as somepoint what it is i'm doing with coureton today. coureton, if you see this, call me.

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Number of LJ Friends: 83
Number that have me listed: 74

Live journal Friends You Feel Closest To:
1. ithych
2. skryptic
3. kofun
4. opeth
5. eldrad

Live journal Friends You Wish You Knew or Want to Know Better:
1. justfortoday
2. cricketor
3. lalena
4. rekling
5. aboriginal

Live journal Friend(s) With The Most Interesting Journal:
1. rekling
2. theobviouschild (he's my cusin, BTW. i forgot to annonce he had a LJ
3. cricketor

Live journal Friends You've Known Over a Year (in real life):
note, i'm NOT putting all the people i've known about a year now. Yes, that leaves out some very important people in my life. yes i am aware of this. yes i am ok with this
1. abarros
2. agracru
3. angelblurs
4. asciikitty (she went to the store this morning and got tampons. YEA!!)
5. knowmebymylaugh
6. caseymalone
7. chamberlain
8. clydemyman
9. corinangel
10. crackboy
11. dawnfeather
12. destrado
13. dogoncouch
14. eldrad
15. exlevan
16. funkydoda
17. goscrewyourself
18. hazelwhisper
19. herbie (friend i've known the longest that i'm not related to)
20. imsoemo
21. ithych
22. joshwand
23. kukester
24. menacingduck
25. moneypenny
26. moxie77
27. mrartichoke
28. nchantednight
29. original_fifi
30. posterchild
31. prittypinkpixie
32. abaloneblanca (yes i know this one may seem a little inconsistant with who else is on here, but i didn't meet her through eric)
33. revfilthy
34. shortelil1
35. solange
36. sugary828
37. theaterbunny
38. theobviouschild

LJ friends I have met (not including above):
1. afraidtoface
2. bitvoid
3. coureton
4. cricketor
5. divinesight
6. draven
7. emperorturill
8. frommy
9. igma
10. jelissalome
11. justjessi
12. kofun
13. kyrene
14. lalena
15. opeth
16. aphonia
17. sgrbbydoll
18. sinnner
19. skryptic
20. thiamoon
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(no subject)

too much time on my hands. i started thinking. then i was like... "you know who would have a livejournal, my brother." so i did a search and i wish i could say i found a livejournal for one nathan snyder of norman, oklahoma , somewhere between ages 24 and 30. but i didn't. i don't know what's going on with me. i don't know why i car. but i'm all sad and shit now. i don't know him, i've never known him, i haven't talked to him in 4 years, and he might not actually be my brother. augh! i'm going to call coureton now and see what we are doing today.

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