June 7th, 2002


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we walked around the square. i bought rumble fish (can we say francis ford coppla?) run lola run and airplane for my father. he bought gross point blank and.... something else.... requiem and we came back to my apt and watched gross point blank/ good fucking movie. then we talked for another 2 hours. then i drove him home. and as i was coming back i realized how good of a time i had. so i thought i would say so in my livejournal.

marcus finally called me back, but i wanted to talk to him, alone, when there was no one else around. apparently that wasn't going to happen tonight.

tomorrow i'm hanging out with james after work, and then after that i'm hanging out with alex and discussing things.

i do not have anything against emily.

i'm tired. i sleep now
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oh, and no, i'm not jealouse. FUCK YOU.

.it's that time again kids. i was hopeing to avoid it. i think i went a pritty little ways without saying it

Hi. My name is Kris. This is MY LiveJournal. I write what i am feeling at whatever time i am in front of a livejournal cleint and i hit post and 99% of the time anyone with a web-browser can see what i've written. it's kinda neat. however, some people don't like what i write in my journal. sometimes they forget that it's MY journal, and i write what i like. if you don't like what i write in my journal don't read it no, i'm not going to change it for you, even though you may be special, even though i really care about you. Yes i may be a bitch for it. you know what, deal with it! my journal, my rules.

this has been a not-so-friendly annoncement made to you by me, kris, the author of this pritty little thing. i hope you have been informed. now back to your regularly scheduled friends page.
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