June 17th, 2002


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i hate having doubt thrown into my head about people i hold near and dear. i hate it when my best friend warns me about it too... and ends up being right. he's not right yet, on either account at the moment, but he might be dangerousely close. if so, i'm going to haul a brick at something, and slit someone else's wrists.
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stole this from ithych it's short so everyone who has ever filled one out, or not, should fill it out.

Full name: kristen marie "tie your shoes" snyder
Why they named you that : i would have to talk to them to know that
What they almost named you instead: see above answer
Date and place of birth: December 1st, 1982 Akron, Ohio
Astrological sign: Sagittariouse
Totem animals: ANything Reptilian
Natural hair and eye color: dark brown and brown
Birthmarks/unusual features: none that alan or i can think of
Scars (from what?): i think all of them have faded....
Favorite part of your body: back.
Least favorite part of your body: stretch marks on the thighs
What you are wearing: my dragon bell bottoms and the black dress i always wear over pants that toby use to yell at me for doing and griffin gives me shit for doing.
What you wish you were wearing: fishnet
Why you’re not wearing it (fool): i was at csw doing work today. i try not to wear fishnet when i'm pretending to be grown up
Favorite undergarment: the stringy pair of underwear that say sexy in rhinestones... or the corset
Your favorite...
Brand of root beer: So there is this micro-brewery in northern virginia... they brew their own root beer. just on principal it's my favorite (sweetwater tavern, for anyone from nova)
Pizza place: you know... there was a pizza stand at camp where you could get a large pizza with two toppings for $7. it was really some of the best pizza i had ever had
Kitchen appliance: cheese grater. man's gift to the food of the gods.
Transportation: anythign fast and shiny
Weapon: shawn
Constellation: southern cross
Thing to put in your mouth: alan or james
80’s movie: total recall
color of M&M: green ;-)
Person who you...
Don’t want to meet in a dark alley: Mr Rodgers... sketchy sketchy man. or JS
Think is a despicable human being: i plead the fifth on that one
Last told to go to hell: probably marcus
Want to see drunk: I think Jesse Scott would make a hilarious drunk
Wish would bathe more frequently: anyone who ever lived in the barn
Think would be cool if ( ): Olivia, if she wasn't a drunk and still had purple hair
Need to have a serious talk with: marcus, fang, maybe coureton
Last ate ice cream with: james
Regret losing the friendship of: I've missed Kristina Fen for 5 years. Toby on my bad days.
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i am sad to report that TrueNuff is just not funny anymore. it was never as funny as sinfest or anything to begin with, but it wasn't bad. it's become bad. so it's off my favorites list, and i would just like to inform you all of that. thank you for your time.


ps. if anyone who doesn't know fang aka shawn aka griffin aka skryptic and has wondered just how much of an asshole he is, i suggest you look here