June 24th, 2002


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martha, my boss, keeps on dissapearing on me. i went out to grab lunch and i come back and she's vanished. her niece (erin) called and asked if i could make martha get off aol so she could get directions to somewhere. i just signed her off.

speaking of lunch, i went to dominics, the best little italian bakery/deli in the world. gnocchi!!! and the red head was there, was like "hey, you haven't been here in a while. what's up?!" we chatted a bit. she's pritty. :-)

ok. reason 25017 of why james is a better boyfriend than eric (i'm not bringing alan into this comparison at all) anyone who was at lain-ness yesterday knows. i could be in a group of people, where james was at, and not sit with james the whole time, cuddle with someone else while james was in sight, not have to worry, or feel guilty, or worry that i'll get grief for it later... and then trot back on over to james later, and then be in completely different discussions with him and not have to explain what we were talking about, or even tell him that it's none of his buisness and then have him explain how each of our buisnesses was the others. and still have someone to curl up with at the end of the night who wasn't pissed/upset/pretending not to be.
and doesn't convieniently forget conversations we've had where he is dissing my best friend.
and isn't so fucking stubborn that i go into defensive/abrasive mode.
can we tell i'm arguing with him (eric) on AIM right now? can we?

and kris's cryptic message of the post.

i'm not leaving you. i'm not going to betray you. i'm just expanding myself, that's all. in turn, i may end up beign more of a help to you.
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