June 28th, 2002


Kris is bored

Kris is a wedding gallery located in the Bel Air Bakery
Kris is reputed to be able to fly by night and seek out victims without a guiding hand.
Kris is good at customer service
Kris Is God
Kris is a 46' bay built boat fully equipped for fishing Maryland's Chesapeake Bay
Kris is an awesome photographer
Kris is the Secretary of this superb annual event that promotes versatile Beagles that must compete in a brace-format field trial
Kris is not so grainy now :-)
Kris is contagious!
KRIS is the absence of the preprocessing step in KRIS
Kris is the perfect assistant, able to complete every task flawlessly
KRIS is custom built and is disseminated free on CD
Kris is right
Kris is used to these types of comments
Kris is a leader in the Akron real estate community
Kris is a seven time US National Unicycling champion
Kris is also an Emmy-award winning investigative reporter
Kris is still used as a status symbol and sovereignty of the state, particularly as ceremonial dress
Kris is so cool
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Kris Was

Kris was born in 2342
Kris was a religious cult leader
Kris was released from that prison last year.
kris was then set in the hot sun to warm the blade
Kris was invited to tour with the Barbarians in 2002
Kris was recently nominated for 3 2002 Boston Music Awards
kris was eventually put in the same ignominious group of Malay clichés
?Kris? was spelt with a ?K?
Kris was 5 years ago
kris was always maintained to have a keen edge and be functional as a weapon
KRIS was programmed for Windows 3.1 and was published in February 1998
Kris was doing another show at Club Passim
Kris was also training for the National Bodybuilding Championships.
kris was part of the dress code
kris was indeed powerful

at alan's. we weren't intending to be here for a while. we left my apt and came to central to get indian food, then go to see "my big fat greek wedding" at kendall at 9:20. that didn't happen. i wanted to walk, and not bother with the t. i stepped out of the door of the resturant and felt like i was going to collapse. i ended up throwing up about 5 minutes after we walked in the door. and for anyone who reads this that doesn't know alan lives right in the middle of central square, so it's not like it took us long to get there. an hour later my thrat is still all scratchy and stuff, but i'm becoming un-congested, which is good. FANG we are NOT coming over caroline won't let me. :-( i'm sorry. i miss you.

--kris "i like being named after a weapon" snyder
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