July 2nd, 2002


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i love how pam can know i'm having a dinner party, and still leave the apt this morning to go to work to go streight to maryland right afterwards and look me in the eye. i then go into the kitchen to grab a few fig newtons before work, and her fucking plates from the entire week are still in there! i could understand her not cleaning the pot i used yesterday to make chris and i noodles, or the bowls that we ate of that ares still in my room. but you would god damn thing she could be thoughtful enough to clean the rest of that shit. since i'm you know, ever home and ever cook or use any of that stuff. like in the past week or so. i think i'm going to kick something. like a panda bear. if i see any panda bears in the next 24 hours they are going down. now i feel dirty, and i don't have enough time left to shower. grrrrrr.......

and this type of shit is what my last post was about.
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after work i am going home and cleaning, setting up furniture, hopefully, and showering. at like 9 or so i'm going and grabbing fang for some fun. anyone who wants to help me clean is welcome. give me a reply or ring.
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interactive LJ entry.

y'all rember mad libs, right? granted they are better in groups, but hey, this is what my LJ is for, right?

write one word for each number on a slip of paper or in a .txt file near you. then click on the link when you are done to get your very own personal mad-lib sinfest comic!

2-farm animal
3-artical of clothing
6-famouse historical figure
7-animal noise
8-chick flick

suggestion. cut and paste your answers into a comment for this post, so after people view their own they can see what you did!

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