July 8th, 2002


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wow, kris hasn't updated in like 5 days, something must be wrong. well it is. but it's not something i'm going to put on LJ "wow, it's really that bad." no, no it's not, it's just not something i am going to broadcast. those who need to know, know. those that don't, i'm sorry, but i would rather not think about it. like leeches attatched to the bottom of your foot, it's just NOT something that's happy. or the leech mark on the side of your SO's foot. it doesn't look that bad, and wouldn't be something you cringe at except for, oh yea... IT'S FROM A LEECH. ewwwwww.

so here's what i'm going to tell you about my mod-break sized weekend.

wednesday night. hung out with alan. played civ II. ate chineese food. the wimp wanted to go to sleep at like 12:30. humph!

thursday. woke up. left alan's went to bread and circus. bought WAY too much fruit (most of which was consumed) for james's BBQ. the BBQ was mostly good. james getting dehdrated towards the end = bad. krissy taking care of him = lucky james.

friday. (this space intentionally left blank) and then james went to maine. alan came over with chineese food, attempted to pick up civ III for me, but microcenter and best buy both closed at 9, not 10. :-( so we ate the chineese, and then went back to his house to play civ II. i was needing to take my mind off of things. he wimped out at 2:30am. ::pouts::

sat. woke up. went to microcenter, the didn't HAVE civ III in stock. blah. went to harvard square. picked up a bottle of iguana green. went to the best buy on arsenal st. I GOT CIV III. Woooooo Hooooo! went back to the apt. started cleaning. figured out what we were serving. went to bread and circus. i like bread and circus. got back. cleaned more. i had to SCRAPE shit off the kitchen table. eww. started cooking. gwen came over. we finished setting up. had to run out for garlic and lemon juice. lemon-juice lemonaid keeps on getting less and less lemony. people came. there were 5 of us. same canceled in the morning, galen called at 7:30 ish rip-roaring slobbering drunk. it was fun. i started to crash though at the end of dinner, didn't have dessert. everyone else cleaned up while i dozed. they all went to MIIB. i just couldn't have done it. installed civ III went to bed at like, 1:30 or 2.

Sunday. woke up with an alan besides me :-) talked with gwen a bit, she then went to james webber's house, 'cause i was boring. i was still really out of it. played civ III. alan woke up. installed civ III on his laptop. found out civ III has NO networking abilities. that we can find. blah. so alan played warcraft III. so we stayed in bed all day on our respective lap-tops. he went home at like, 11:30. james came back from maine and came over at like, 12. we went to bed at like, 2:30. got up at 7.

i'm makeing a completely conciouse decision to sleep alone tonight. i like to cuddle, i love my boys, but you know, i'm spoiled by always having someone to sleep with. i need my bubble bursted a little.


woke up more like 7:45. showered quickly, drove to work part of the time behind a garbage truck, most of the rest behind some sort of slow-moving construction vehicle. blah. now i'm at work. oh joy of joys. tonight i'm seeing the power puff girls movie with fang and statik. fang is paying for my ticket... woooo hoooo! fang has money fang has money ::does the i-don't-have-to-pay-for-fang dance::

ok, i'm goign to snack break now.
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one of the great things about LiveJournal is you can look back and see just how far you have come. you can also gage how much farther you still have to go.

one of the worst things is looking back on other people's journals, from a time before you existed in their life, and read names that you have never heard of, and wonder if that's going to happen to you.
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